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Crosman: Quiz


Question 1: For example, a CO2 air pistol is less expensive to shoot than even a rimfire firearm, and an imitation ________, such as the Crosman 1088, can be had for under US$50.
M1911 pistolSemi-automatic pistolBrowning Hi-PowerHandgun

Question 2: Much of the history of airguns in the United States is colored by the Second Amendment protection of ________ ownership.
HandgunM16 rifleFirearmAssault rifle

Question 3: Many US made airguns are mostly plastic and ________ pot metal, and they are often modeled to look like specific types of firearms.
Sand castingDrossCasting defectDie casting

Question 4: Crosman has also produced a paintball marker, and has recently began production of ________ models.
BasketballAirsoftBasque pelotaNetball

Question 5: The Crosman Corporation is a major manufacturer of airsoft guns and ________ in the United States.
Air gunShotgun shellBB gunShotgun

Question 6: Groups such as ________ and Boy Scouts also use BB guns and airguns for marksmanship training, and intramural target shooting is occasionally encountered.
4-HWest VirginiaOhioGeorgia (U.S. state)


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