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Question 1: Croquet’s ________ (VM) runs bit identically on multiple platforms and it supports a number of capabilities that could only be provided by a true late bound, message sending language.
HypervisorHardware virtualizationVirtual machineXen

Question 2: On April 18, 2006 the project released a ________ of the Croquet SDK 1.0 in the open source.
Software versioningSoftware developmentSoftware testingSoftware release life cycle

Question 3: The first working Croquet code was developed in January ________.

Question 4: The ________ application is made available under the Croquet license.
IMVUActive WorldsCroquet ProjectOpen Cobalt

Question 5: Also in ________, Lombardi began working with Smith on prototype implementations of highly extensible collaborative online environments based on OpenSpace.

Question 6: ________ is a multi-institutional community software development effort to deploy an open source production-grade metaverse browser/toolkit application built using the Croquet SDK.
Open CobaltCroquet ProjectIMVUActive Worlds

Question 7: The Croquet Project was an international effort to promote the continued development of the Croquet open source software development kit, for creating and delivering deeply collaborative multi-user ________ applications.
Mobile phoneOnline and offlineTelephoneInternet

Question 8: Coordinated, distributed ________ that is used to control the progress of computations at multiple sites, to provide resilience, deterministic results, and adaptation to available resources
Distributed transactionTwo-phase commit protocolCommit (data management)Two-phase locking

Question 9: Later, in ________, Smith built a system called OpenSpace, which was an early-bound variant of Croquet.

Question 10: The present identity of the project has its origins in a conversation between Smith and Kay in ________, where both expressed their frustration with the state of operating systems at the time.


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