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Question 1: In 1983, on the cover photos for the Eurythmics albums, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and Touch, singer ________ sports a bright orange cropped haircut.
We Too Are OneDavid A. StewartPeace (album)Annie Lennox

Question 2: Also the military gets this haircut during ________.
United States Marine CorpsUnited States Army Basic TrainingRecruit trainingUnited States Army

Question 3: In the 1959 movie, ________, Jean Seberg wears a cropped hairstyle, as does Mia Farrow after she gets her hair cut at Vidal Sassoon in Rosemary's Baby (1968).
Breathless (1960 film)A Woman Is a WomanContempt (film)Vivre sa vie

Question 4: The crop first became fashionable during the 1920s, as many of the ________ who had cut their long hair short were trying these as well as the early bobs.
Joan CrawfordFlapperOlive ThomasModern girl

Question 5: A crop is a short ________ worn with the hair cut very close to the head.
Hair removalHairstyleHair conditionerCosmetics

Question 6: It is frequently sported by both ________ and women, though the style is usually only named as a crop when sported by a woman.


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