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Cromlech: Quiz


Question 1: Cromlech is a Brythonic word (Breton/Welsh) used to describe prehistoric ________ structures, where crom means "bent" and llech means "flagstone".
DolmenStonehengeSt Lythans burial chamberMegalith

Question 2: However, it is widely used in French to describe ________.
MenhirStone circleStonehengeDolmen

Question 3: The term is now virtually obsolete in archæology, but remains in use as a colloquial term for two different types of ________ monument.
DolmenSt Lythans burial chamberStonehengeMegalith

Question 4: In English it usually refers to ________, the remains of prehistoric stone chamber tombs.
MenhirMegalithDolmenCarnac stones

Question 5: In addition, the term is occasionally used to describe more complex examples of megalithic architecture, such as the Almendres Cromlech in ________.
PortugalGreeceEast TimorSpain


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