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Question 1: It was awarded during ________, Korean War, and up to Kosovo War in 1999.
Chiang Kai-shekFirst Indochina WarVietnam WarHo Chi Minh

Question 2: General ________, Serbian Chetnik leader, awarded by Charles de Gaulle during World War II.
ChetniksSerbian Volunteer Corps (World War II)Draža MihailovićUstaše

Question 3:
What is Croix de guerre's current status?
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Munro Top

Question 4: ________, awarded the croix de guerre for Red Cross volunteer work.
Weld familyLarz AndersonBostonIsabel Weld Perkins

Question 5: The croix de guerre (English translation: Cross of War) is a military decoration of both France and ________, where it is also known as the Oorlogskruis (Dutch).
SpainUnited KingdomBelgiumDenmark

Question 6: ________, was awarded the French croix de guerre with palm; Belgium croix de guerre with palm.
Curtis LeMayTwentieth Air ForceJohn Dale RyanLarry D. Welch

Question 7: Tony Halik Polish pilot in RAF, after being the only Polish/________ pilot shot down over France, he joined the French resistance
Royal Air ForceBritish Armed ForcesBritish ArmyLuftwaffe

Question 8:
When was Croix de guerre established?

Question 9: He was awarded the cross on 31 July 1917 after the attack on Pilkem Ridge near ________.

Question 10: ________, US Sailor and "Father of American Naval Special Warfare".
Mike SebastianPhil H. BucklewChuck CherundoloEd Goddard


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