Crocodylomorpha: Quiz

Question 1: Eusuchia: true crocodilies (which includes crown-group ________)

Question 2: Mesosuchia is a ________ group as it does not include eusuchians (which nest within Mesosuchia).
CladeCladisticsDNA barcodingParaphyly

Question 3: The earliest forms, the sphenosuchians, evolved during the Late ________, and were highly gracile terrestrial forms built like greyhounds.
DinosaurTriassicPermianGeologic time scale

Question 4: ________, a species closely related to Metriorhynchus, had a skull that was adapted to eat large marine reptiles.

Question 5: Several terrestrial species during the ________ evolved herbivory, such as Simosuchus clarki and Chimaerasuchus paradoxus.
Geologic time scaleCretaceousDinosaurCretaceous–Tertiary extinction event

Question 6: Crocodylomorpha - webpages by Ross Elgin on the ________ server
University of CambridgeUniversity of BristolUniversity of EdinburghUniversity of Oxford

Question 7: Not only are they an ancient group of animals, at least as old as the ________, they also evolved into a great variety of forms.

Question 8: During ________ and early Tertiary times the Crocodylomorpha were far more diverse than they are now.
DinosaurCretaceousMesozoicGeologic time scale

Question 9: During the ________ and the Cretaceous marine forms in the family Metriorhynchidae such as Metriorhynchus evolved forelimbs that were paddle-like and had a tail similar to modern fish.
TriassicDinosaurGeologic time scaleJurassic

Question 10: The Crocodylomorpha are an important group of ________ that include the crocodilians and their extinct relatives.

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