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Question 1:
What is the population of Croats?

Question 2:
Which of the following are related to Croats?
*SNCAO 700
* Short 330n* Short 360
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet, Bugle,
Other Slavic nations, especially South Slavs

Question 3: In addition some ________ left for political reasons.

Question 4: Vlaho Bukovac brought the spirit of impressionism from ________, and he strongly influenced the young artists (including the authors of “Golden Hall”).
VersaillesParisMarseilleÉvry, Essonne

Question 5: However, Moldova on the border of Ukraine, which in the beginning of our era was dominated by the Iranian-speaking ________ also has a high frequency of haplogroup I so that theory might be true after all.
AlansScythiansIranian peoplesSarmatians

Question 6: [33] Hence, most modern day Croats are descended from the original European population of the region and have lived in the territory by other names, such as ________ and their forebears.
IllyriansIllyrian warfareDardaniIllyrian languages

Question 7: Slovakia area around ________ in villages Chorvátsky Grob, Čunovo, Devínska Nová Ves, Rusovce and Jarovce.

Question 8: In the northern plains, ________ rule has left its marks.
Ottoman EmpireAustria–HungaryHoly Roman EmpireGerman Empire

Question 9: The Šokci and ________ communities in Bács-Kiskun county in Hungary.

Question 10: The earliest Croatian state was the Principality of ________.
Split (city)DalmatiaMontenegroBosnia and Herzegovina

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