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Cro-Magnon: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a 2007 motion picture in which a self-described Cro-Magnon reveals himself to his closest friends
MySpaceJerome BixbyInternet Movie DatabaseThe Man from Earth

Question 2: The oldest EEMH remains are from Peştera cu Oase near the ________ in the Danubian corridor.
SerbiaIron Gate (Danube)Bucegi MountainsApuseni Mountains

Question 3: [13] Of modern nationalities, Finns are closest to Cro-Magnons in terms of ________ measurements.
Social sciencesSocial anthropologyCultureAnthropology

Question 4: The Inheritors, a 1955 novel by ________ about the extinction of Homo Neanderthalensis through conflict with Cro Magnon civilisation
Nadine GordimerSalman RushdieWilliam GoldingKingsley Amis

Question 5: Cro-Magnon 1 was discovered in a rock shelter at Les Eyzies, ________, France.

Question 6: These early humans used manganese and iron oxides to paint pictures and may have created the first ________ around 15,000 years ago[15].
CalendarIslamic calendarJulian calendarGregorian calendar

Question 7: The earliest known remains of Cro-Magnon like humans are dated to 30,000 ________ years.
Carbon-14OxygenRadiocarbon datingRadon

Question 8: Analysis of the ________ of the skeletons shows that the humans of this period led a physically difficult life.
Infectious diseaseInfectionPathologyDisease

Question 9: ________: A. anamensisA. afarensisA. bahrelghazaliA. africanusA. garhi
AustralopithecusArdipithecusHomo habilisHuman evolution

Question 10: In addition to infection, several of the individuals found at the shelter had fused ________ in their necks, indicating traumatic injury; the adult female found at the shelter had survived for some time with a skull fracture.
Cervical vertebraeLumbar vertebraeVertebral columnVertebra

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