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Criticism of the War on Terrorism: Quiz


Question 1: The War on Errorism is an album by ________, whose cover art also depicts President Bush as a clown.
Fat MikeNOFXSo Long and Thanks for All the ShoesEric Melvin

Question 2: Some have argued that part of the "War on Terrorism" has little to do with its stated purpose, since ________ had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks and the invasion was carried out on the basis of faulty or doctored intelligence.

Question 3: The justification given for the invasion of Iraq (prior to its happening) was to prevent terrorist or other attacks by Iraq on the United States or other ________.
LawNation stateEthnic groupNation

Question 4: Khaled Diab, ________, January 2008.
The IndependentThe ObserverThe TimesThe Guardian

Question 5: In 2002, strong majorities supported the U.S.-led War on Terrorism in Britain, ________, Germany, Japan, India, and Russia.
ItalyUnited KingdomFranceCanada

Question 6: ________
NorwayWar in Afghanistan (2001–present)International public opinion on the war in AfghanistanUnited States

Question 7: [45] ________, UK foreign secretary, has similarly called the strategy a "mistake".
Gordon BrownDavid MilibandJack StrawMargaret Beckett

Question 8: ________
Bagram torture and prisoner abuseCanadian Afghan detainee issueGuantanamo Bay detention campAbu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse

Question 9: Stella Rimington, former head of the British intelligence service ________ has criticised the war on terror as a "huge overreation", and had decried the militarization and politicization of the U.S.
Government Communications HeadquartersSecret Intelligence ServiceMI5Defence Intelligence Staff

Question 10: "War on Terra", an ________ attack on the accent of U.S.
PropagandaAd nauseamAd hominemArgumentum ad populum

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