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Criticism of the Catholic Church: Quiz


Question 1: Criticism of the Catholic Church subsumes critical observations made about the current or historical ________, in its actions, teachings, omissions, structure, or nature; theological disagreements would be covered on a denominational basis.
Pope John Paul IIPopeCatholic ChurchPope Gregory I

Question 2: Though not part of ________ dogma, many Christians, including members of the clergy, have held the Jewish people collectively responsible for killing Jesus, a belief originated by Melito of Sardis.
CatholicEcumenical councilCatholicismBishop

Question 3: Some criticize the Church's teaching on fidelity, sexual abstinence and its opposition to promoting the use of condoms as a strategy to prevent pregnancy and the spread of HIV/________ and other STDs) as counterproductive.
AIDS dementia complexAIDSICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseasesHerpes simplex

Question 4: [53] The Catholic Church has been criticized for its ________ efforts in all phases of society.
Anti-abortion violencePro-life movementAbortionChristianity and abortion

Question 5: The Church stands by its doctrines on sexual intercourse as defined by the ________: intercourse must at once be both the renewal of the consummation of marriage and open to procreation.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelNatural lawThomas AquinasImmanuel Kant

Question 6: During the ________ Spain (and Italy, and sometimes France) pursued those Christians who disagreed with what were believed to be key doctrines of the Catholic Church.
ReconquistaSpanish InquisitionInquisitionCrusades

Question 7: The Church's denial of the use of condoms has provoked criticism especially in countries where ________ and HIV infections are at epidemic proportions.
AIDS dementia complexAIDSHerpes simplexICD-10 Chapter I: Certain infectious and parasitic diseases

Question 8: [69] Clerical celibacy began to be enforced in papal ________ beginning with Pope Siricius (d.
ExtravagantesPope Benedict XIDecretalCorpus Juris Canonici

Question 9: Before the reforms from Vatican II in the late 1960s the Catholic Church was best-known outside the church for the Tridentine mass, said mostly in ________ with a few sentences in Ancient Greek and Hebrew.
Roman EmpireLatinOld LatinVulgar Latin

Question 10: ________ advocates a living wage, proper work hours and treatment of workers.
Catholic social teachingPope Leo XIIICatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

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