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Criticism of religion: Quiz


Question 1: Muslims in ________ issued a fatwa (religious decree) calling for the death of poet and author Taslima Nasrin because of the women's rights issues raised in her books, particularly her novel Lajja.
MalaysiaBangladeshPakistanSri Lanka

Question 2: ________, the pessimist philosopher, spoke of the subject in 19th century:
ExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur SchopenhauerFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 3: Philosopher ________ posited that many societal constructs pass through three stages, and that religion corresponds to the two earlier, or more primitive stages.
Auguste ComtePositivismJürgen HabermasRelationship between religion and science

Question 4:
God Is Not Great has been published in which of these formats?

Question 5: Critics such as ________ have criticised the Jewish faith for the pain inflicted to living animals when slaughtered with Jewish kosher and Islamic kushrat techniques.
Animal rightsPeople for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsIngrid NewkirkHumane Society of the United States

Question 6: Criticism of religion • ________ • History of religion • Religion • Religious philosophy • Theology • Relationship between religion and science • Religion and politics • Faith and rationality • more...

Question 7:
Which of the following awards has Richard Dawkins won?
Inkpot Award, 1977
2u00D7 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year
Faraday Award
Order of the Crown - Italy

Question 8: Critics such as Hitchens assert that many religions view normal sexual activity (such as ________ or masturbation) as evil or immoral, and that this view can sometimes leads to neuroses or other ill effects.
Sexual orientationHomosexualityBisexualityLesbian

Question 9: Critics such as ________ and Richard Dawkins use the term "child abuse" to describe the harm that some religious upbringings inflict on children.
Christopher Hitchens's political viewsChristopher HitchensGod Is Not GreatThe God Delusion

Question 10: Religions are not distinguishable from fairy tales or superstitions (such as astrology or ________)
Christmas EveFather ChristmasChristmasSanta Claus

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