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Criticism: Quiz


Question 1: Individuals with ________ are hypersensitive to criticism or rejection.
Avoidant personality disorderParanoid personality disorderSchizoid personality disorderBorderline personality disorder

Question 2: Individuals with ________ are often rigid, critical of others, although they have great difficulty accepting criticism themselves.
Schizoid personality disorderAvoidant personality disorderParanoid personality disorderBorderline personality disorder

Question 3: Individuals with ________ are readily willing to "self-correct" in response to criticism.
Borderline personality disorderDependent personality disorderAntisocial personality disorderSchizoid personality disorder

Question 4: Participatory ________ in pedagogy is based on these principles of constructive criticism, focusing on positive examples to be emulated over precepts to be followed.

Question 5: ________[citation needed] argues that all interpretations are subjective projections and have no inherent meaning; therefore, the critic undermines himself for he undermines only his own interpretation.
Columbia UniversityDuke UniversityStanley FishYale University

Question 6: Although they may not show it outwardly, criticism may haunt them and leave them feeling ________, degraded, hollow, and empty.

Question 7: Vulnerability with their own self-esteem makes individuals with ________ very sensitive to criticism or defeat.
Antisocial personality disorderHistrionic personality disorderNarcissistic personality disorderNarcissism

Question 8: ________ are extremely sensitive to personal criticism and extremely critical of other people.
Personal boundariesNarcissismPsychological manipulationSuperficial charm

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