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Crisis of the Third Century: Quiz


Question 1: Some taxes were collected in kind and values were often notional in bullion or ________ coinage.

Question 2: The situation of the empire became dire in 235, when the emperor ________ was murdered by his own troops.
CaracallaAlexander SeverusElagabalusSeptimius Severus

Question 3: When Claudius died in 270 of the plague, ________, who had commanded the cavalry at Naissus, succeeded him as emperor and continued the restoration of the empire.
GallienusConstantine IAurelianDiocletian

Question 4: Additionally, in 251, the Plague of Cyprian (possibly ________), broke out, causing large-scale mortality which may have seriously affected the ability of the Empire to defend itself.

Question 5: Roman legions had been defeated during a campaign against ________ raiding across the borders, while the emperor was focused primarily on the dangers, which were minor at that time, from the Sassanid Persian Empire.
FrisiansSuebiGermanic peoplesGermanic Christianity

Question 6: Victories by the emperor Claudius II Gothicus over the next two years drove back the ________ and recovered Hispania from the Gallic Empire.
FranksGermanic peoplesSuebiAlamanni

Question 7: An invasion by a vast host of Goths was beaten back at the ________ in 269.
Roman EmpireRoman NavyBattle of NaissusGallienus


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