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Crisis (Marxian): Quiz


Question 1: See for example 1994 economic crisis in Mexico, ________, South American economic crisis of 2002, Economic crisis of Cameroon, Financial crisis of 2007–2010, Great Depression, etc.
ArgentinaArgentine debt restructuringDecember 2001 riots in ArgentinaArgentine economic crisis (1999–2002)

Question 2: It is used as part of Marxist ________, usually in the specific formulation of the crisis of capitalism.
International relationsIdeologyPolitical philosophyPolitical economy

Question 3: So it is predicative of a democratic socialist ________ that production and consumption are, at least within available technical capability, in sync.
SocialismPlanned economySocialist economicsLibertarian socialism

Question 4: A financial crisis may be a ________ or currency crisis.
Full-reserve bankingBank runDiamond-Dybvig modelFractional-reserve banking

Question 5: The accumulation of capital involves a general tendency for the degree of capital intensity, i.e., the "________" of production to rise.
Organic composition of capitalSurplus valuePrices of productionLaw of value

Question 6: A key characteristic of these theoretical factors is that none of them are natural or accidental in origin but instead arise from systemic elements of capitalism as a ________ and basic social order.
Mode of productionHistorical materialismSurplus productMarxism

Question 7: Capital accumulation can pull up the demand for ________, raising wages.
Abstract labour and concrete labourSurplus labourSurplus valueLabour power


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