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Crime in the United States: Quiz


Question 1: ________, a very affluent suburban enclave of the nation's capital with 1,041,200 residents, had the lowest homicide rate of any jurisdiction.
Fairfax County, VirginiaFairfax, VirginiaBailey's Crossroads, VirginiaVienna, Virginia

Question 2: Crime statistics for the United States are published annually by the ________ in the Uniform Crime Reports which represents crimes reported to the police.
Federal Bureau of InvestigationDefense Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence AgencyNational Security Agency

Question 3: While poorer states generally have higher crime rates, several states who fell below the national median for household income such as Maine and Kentucky also had crime rates below the national average, while some wealthier states such as Maryland and ________ had crime rates above the national average.
United StatesFloridaAlaskaHawaii

Question 4: In addition to having the country's lowest crime rates, ________ states also had the country's highest median household income, while the Southern states have the lowest.
New EnglandSouthern United StatesMidwestern United StatesNortheastern United States

Question 5: The other two countries included in the study, ________ and Switzerland, had only slightly lower burglary rates.

Question 6: The NCH called deliberate attacks against the homeless ________ in their report Hate, Violence, and Death on Mainstreet USA (they retain the definition of the American Congress).
Gay bashingViolence against LGBT peopleHomophobiaHate crime

Question 7: A 2007 study found that the number of violent crimes against the ________ is increasing.
New York CityParisHomelessnessUnited States

Question 8: As of 2006, a record 7 million people were behind bars, on probation or on ________, of which 2.2 million were incarcerated.
Double jeopardyParoleCapital punishmentPardon

Question 9:
In terms of ________, 57% of those incarcerated were sentenced for drug offenses.
Texas Department of Criminal JusticeNational Institute of CorrectionsArizona Department of CorrectionsFederal Bureau of Prisons

Question 10: The research draws from three waves of data from the ________ and examines education, crime levels, substance abuse and socializing among adolescents and young adults.
Adolescent sexualityAIDSHIVNational Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health

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