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Crickhowell: Quiz


Question 1: Crickhowell (Crug Hywel, Crughywel, or Crucywel in Welsh) is a small town in ________, Mid Wales.
PowysMachynllethKnighton, PowysBrecon

Question 2: There is also a baptist church, an evangelical church [3] and a ________ church.
CatholicBishopEcumenical councilCatholicism

Question 3: He was a Surveyor-General of ________, after whom Mount Everest was named, there is also a street in Crickhowell named after him (Everest Drive).
Research and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaIndia

Question 4: The castle was in the hands of the powerful Mortimer family dynasty of ________ and in the 1300s and declined as a smaller holding within a large portfilio of lands, titles and larger castles.
ShrewsburyMarcher LordWelsh peopleWelsh Marches

Question 5: In 2000, it was ranked 77th in Wales in terms of its ________ results (based on 5 GCSEs, grades A-C).
General Certificate of Secondary EducationKey Stage 3GCE Advanced LevelKey Stage 4

Question 6: The castle was largely destroyed in the early fifteenth century by Owain Glyndŵr's forces [3] who also attacked and burned ________ town and other settlements in the area.

Question 7: The Glanusk Park estate is not far away, the childhood home of the former royal nanny ________, who still lives near the town.
United KingdomElizabeth Bowes-LyonHarry Legge-BourkeTiggy Legge-Bourke

Question 8: The name Crickhowell is taken from that of the nearby ________ hill fort of Crug Hywel above the town, the Welsh language name being anglicised by map-makers and local English-speaking people.
La Tène cultureIron Age ChinaAncient Near EastIron Age

Question 9: Crickhowell High School is a ________ with approximately 670 pupils.
Gymnasium (school)Secondary schoolSecondary educationComprehensive school

Question 10: Hugh led both cavalry and 6,000 infantry recruited in the ________ for King Edward's forces.
Welsh MarchesKnighton, PowysWalesWales–England border


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