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Creuse: Quiz


Question 1: Creuse is one of the original 83 departments created during the ________ on March 4, 1790.
National ConventionNational Constituent AssemblyFrench DirectoryFrench Revolution

Question 2: The river is ________ at several locations both for water supply and hydroelectricity generation.
DamWater turbineDam failureHydropower

Question 3: As is typical for an inland area of continental ________, Creuse has relatively cold winters with some snowfall into April, but also hot summers.
BalkansWestern EuropeEuropeEastern Europe

Question 4: Much of the farming is beef ________: Charolais and Limousin, and also sheep.
DeerCattleWild boarWater Buffalo

Question 5: The terrestrial ecology is typically cool temperate with a species mix common in the western UK: with oak, ash, chestnut, hazel and ________ species dominating the woodlands.

Question 6: The monastery of Moutier-d'Ahun has exceptional wood carvings from the ________.
161617th century18th century16th century

Question 7: Creuse (Occitan: Cruesa) is a department in central ________ named after the Creuse River.
ItalyFranceCanadaUnited Kingdom


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