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Cretinism: Quiz


Question 1: This type of cretinism has been almost completely eliminated in developed countries by early diagnosis by ________ schemes followed by life long treatment with thyroxine (T4).
Glutaric aciduria type 1Newborn screeningPhenylketonuriaOrganic acidemia

Question 2: The term cretin describes a person so affected, but, like words such as ________ and lunatic, also is a word of abuse.
Mental retardationCerebral palsySpasticEuphemism

Question 3: Cretinism is a condition of severely stunted physical and mental growth due to untreated congenital deficiency of thyroid ________ (congenital hypothyroidism) due to maternal nutritional deficiency of iodine.
Endocrine systemTestosteroneProgesteroneHormone

Question 4: It has affected many people worldwide and continues to be a major ________ problem in many countries.
Public healthGlobalization and diseaseHealth care systemEpidemiology

Question 5: According to the ________, the translation of the French term into "human creature" implies that the label "Christian" is a reminder of the humanity of the afflicted, in contrast to brute beasts.
American and British English spelling differencesJames Murray (lexicographer)United KingdomOxford English Dictionary

Question 6: It also causes gradual enlargement of the thyroid gland, referred to as a ________.
HyperthyroidismHypopituitarismGoitreGraves' disease

Question 7: Cretinism arises from a diet deficient in ________.

Question 8: The most common derivation provided in English dictionaries is from the Alpine French dialect pronunciation of the word Chr├ętien ("(a) ________"), which was a greeting there.
Catholic ChurchJesusChristianChristianity

Question 9: Populations living in those areas without outside food sources are most at risk of ________ diseases.
CretinismCongenital hypothyroidismGoitreIodine deficiency

Question 10: There are recent suggestions that the skeletons supporting the existence of the human species ________ are of individuals who suffered from cretinism.
Human evolutionHomo floresiensisHomo erectusNeanderthal


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