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Question 1: [1] Some stories say that Heracles, along with ________, killed King Minos' Minotaur as the seventh labour.
AlcibiadesAlexander the GreatTheseusDemosthenes

Question 2: The Cretan Bull which fathered the Minotaur was originally calm and sent from ________, but the king (Minos) whom it was sent to fell out of favour with Poseidon, and so in some versions of the story, Poseidon made the bull angry.
Greek mythologyAthenaPoseidonApollo

Question 3: ________ was compelled to capture the bull as his seventh task.
HeraclesTrojan WarGreek mythologyApollo

Question 4: She swore to make a sacrifice to ________ if Theseus was successful in capturing the bull.
Greek mythologyZeusCronusApollo

Question 5: As punishment, the Athenians had to send several youths every year to be devoured by the ________.
OdysseusMinotaurTheseusGreek mythology

Question 6: Aegeus' own son, ________, set to try and capture the Bull.
AlcibiadesTheseusAlexander the GreatDemosthenes

Question 7: Eurystheus wanted to sacrifice the bull to ________, who hated Heracles.
ApolloHeraHermesGreek mythology

Question 8: He sailed to Crete, whereupon the King of ________, Minos, gave Heracles permission to take the bull away[1], as it had been wreaking havoc on Crete.

Question 9: Theseus then went to Crete where he killed the Minotaur with the help of Minos' daughter ________.
AriadneDionysusGreek mythologyAthena

Question 10: In ________, the Cretan Bull was either the bull that carried away Europa or the bull Pasiphaƫ fell in love with, giving birth to the Minotaur.
HeraMuseApolloGreek mythology


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