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Creon: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: Creon and his sister, Jocasta, were descendants of ________ and of the Spartoi.
SemeleEuropa (mythology)ZeusCadmus

Question 3: During Laius's absence, the ________ came to Thebes.
LionAncient EgyptSphinxGreek mythology

Question 4: Creon (________: Κρέων - Kreōn, meaning "ruler") is a figure in Greek mythology best known as the ruler of Thebes in the legend of Oedipus.
Attic GreekAncient Greek dialectsAncient GreekDoric Greek

Question 5: Creon figures prominently in the plays ________ and Antigone written by Sophocles.
HomerApolloGreek mythologyOedipus the King

Question 6: Laius, a previous king of Thebes, had given the rule to Creon while he went to consult the oracle at ________.
Olympia, GreeceAthensDelphiEpidaurus

Question 7: Creon is also featured in ________'s Phoenician Women.
Ancient GreeceEuripidesAristophanesSophocles

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