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  • when John Horden sent his Cree-language translation of the Bible back to England, the printers returned it with a printing press but no instructions on how to operate it?

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Question 1: Like many ________, Cree features a complex polysynthetic morphology and syntax.
Pre-Columbian eraClassification of indigenous peoples of the AmericasArchaeology of the AmericasIndigenous languages of the Americas

Question 2: Many Cree words also became the basis for words in the ________ trade language used until some point after contact with Europeans.
Chinook JargonVancouverPacific NorthwestBritish Columbia

Question 3: Bungee is a ________ of English with substrate influences from Cree and Scottish Gaelic.
DialectDialect continuumGerman languageEnglish language

Question 4: Cree dialects, except for those spoken in eastern Quebec and Labrador, are traditionally written using Cree syllabics, a variant of ________, but can be written with the Roman alphabet as well.
Canadian Aboriginal syllabicsArabic alphabetBrāhmī scriptHangul

Question 5: Cree was also a component language in two contact languages unique to Western ________.
BarbadosUnited KingdomUnited StatesCanada

Question 6: Michif is still spoken in central Canada and in ________.
MontanaMinnesotaNorth DakotaSouth Dakota

Question 7: The easternmost dialects are written using the ________ exclusively.
Phoenician alphabetArabic alphabetLatin alphabetRunic alphabet

Question 8: The Cree ________ can be divided by many criteria.
Dialect continuumAusbausprache, Abstandsprache and DachspracheGerman languageLanguage education


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