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Question 1: In this respect, economic bubbles can have dynamic characteristics not unlike ________ or Pyramid schemes.
Ponzi schemeAdvance-fee fraudConfidence trickCoin rolling scams

Question 2: Graham Turner, The Credit Crunch: Housing Bubbles, Globalisation and the Worldwide Economic Crisis (2008: London, ________), ISBN 9780745328102
Antonio GramsciJoel KovelMarxismPluto Press

Question 3: [4][5] These institutions may then reduce the availability of credit, and increase the cost of accessing credit by raising ________.
Interest rateMoney supplyCentral bankDebt

Question 4: [6] This can result in widespread foreclosure or ________ for those investors and entrepeneurs who came in late to the market, as the prices of previously inflated assets generally drop precipitously.
InsolvencyDebtBankruptcyBond (finance)

Question 5: Often it is only in retrospect that participants in an ________ realize that the point of collapse was obvious.
Economic bubbleReal estate bubbleFinancial crisisStock market bubble

Question 6: During the upward phase in the credit cycle, asset prices may experience bouts of frenzied competitive, leveraged bidding, inducing ________ in a particular asset market.
Keynesian economicsInflationEconomicsMoney

Question 7: As this upswing in new debt creation also increases the money supply and stimulates economic activity, this also tends to temporarily raise ________ and employment.
Austrian SchoolEconomic growthEconomicsEconomic inequality

Question 8: The crunch is generally caused by a reduction in the market prices of previously "overinflated" assets and refers to the ________ that results from the price collapse.
Business cycleFinancial crisisRecessionEconomics

Question 9: A credit crunch generally involves a reduction in the availability of credit independent of a rise in official ________.
DebtMoney supplyCentral bankInterest rate

Question 10: In the case of a credit crunch, it may be preferable to "mark to market" - and if necessary, sell or go into ________ if the capital of the business affected is insufficient to survive the post-boom phase of the credit cycle.
Floating chargeUnfair preferenceLiquidationLiquidator (law)


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