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Question 1: According to the ________ belief he creates the basic universal shell and provides all the raw materials and also places the living entities within the material world, fulfilling their own independent will.
KrishnaHinduismVaishnavismBhagavad Gita

Question 2: In a 1999 lecture at the University of Paris, then-Cardinal ________ said:
Pope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Paul VI

Question 3: Marduk killing Tiamat in the Babylonian ________;
Enûma ElišAtra-HasisKinguBel (mythology)

Question 4: sprouting from a primal seed, sexually, by hierosgamos, violently, by the slaying of a primeval monster, or artificially, by a divine ________ or "craftsman".

Question 5: In monotheism, the single ________ is necessarily also the creator deity, while polytheistic traditions may or may not have creator deities.

Question 6: In some versions of the story, Pangu is aided in this task by the four most prominent beasts, namely the ________, the Qilin, the Phoenix, and the Dragon.

Question 7: El or the Elohim of ________ (see Genesis creation myth)
Eleusinian MysteriesProto-Indo-European religionCanaanite religionAncient Semitic religion

Question 8: ________ similarly believes in "craftsman" deities responsible for the physical world, which are however transcended by a static and uncreated universe.
HinduismIndian religionsJain philosophyJainism

Question 9: ________ has its origin in Hellenistic philosophy as a concept of all things deriving from a single substance or being.
ExistentialismRené DescartesBaruch SpinozaMonism

Question 10: Paul's ________ contains another reference to creation:
Biblical canonEpistle to the HebrewsNew TestamentBible


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