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Creation myth: Quiz


Question 1: It is in the 27th Sutta, the Aggañña Sutta, and the Buddha uses it to provide an explanation of the ________ system, and to show why one caste is not really any better than the other.
RacismCasteReligious intoleranceRacial segregation

Question 2: The heat and light from the sun ________ the water covering Earth, creating clouds, and after time, the dry hills emerged from the water.
EvaporationTemperatureGasWater vapor

Question 3: In death, the higher soul will return to Ginen (the world of the dead, said to be under the water below the earth) to reside with the loa and the ancestral ________.

Question 4: Modern day Buddhists such as the ________ don't perceive a conflict between Buddhism and science and consider they are complementary means of understanding the world around us.
Dalai Lama14th Dalai Lama13th Dalai Lama5th Dalai Lama

Question 5: Ra then created ________, his wife, with whom they had a son, Hor (Horus; in the form known as Horus the Elder), who was married to Isis.
Egyptian pantheonHathorMutSekhmet

Question 6: 4th century BCE) ________ has some of the earliest allusions to creation.
Tao Te ChingDaoism–Taoism romanization issueTaoismQi

Question 7: The traditional creation narrative of the Mandinka people of southern ________ begins with Mangala, a singular, powerful being who is perceived to be a round, energetic presence.
MaliBurkina FasoCôte d'IvoireNiger

Question 8: ________, in his dialogue Timaeus, describes a creation myth involving a being called the demiurge.
AristotleImmanuel KantPlatoBertrand Russell

Question 9: Some traditions hold that the Earth was created by one of the gods of the ________ (see Dreaming), others that particular creatures were created by particular gods or spirit ancestors.
ImmortalityProphecyArguments for eternityDreamtime

Question 10: (see: universe history section in the ________ article.)
Indian religionsJain philosophyHinduismJainism

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