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Question 1: [2] This method, also employed by the Romans, the Greeks and even indigenous people in the ________ around 1600-1800, is still used today.
United StatesPhilippinesEast TimorPapua New Guinea

Question 2: [4] Pastels are an art medium having roots with the modern crayon and stem back to ________ in 1495.
Leonardo da VinciLeonardo da Vinci's personal lifeMona LisaItalian Renaissance painting

Question 3: He settled in New York City, and by 1850, had opened a store selling pencils and other stationery items in ________.
BrooklynManhattanThe BronxStaten Island

Question 4: [47] He created the ________ in 1915 and started his own Munsell Color Company in 1917.
HSL and HSVCIELUV color spaceMunsell color systemLab color space

Question 5: Today, beyond Crayola, other ________ crayon manufacturers include Rose Art Industries and Dixon Ticonderoga.
BrandProduct placementBrand managementAdvertising

Question 6: ________ were featured in everything from the small 6 color box to the No.
AntwerpMarie de' Medici cyclePeter Paul RubensThe Descent from the Cross

Question 7: The ________ perfected a technique using hot beeswax combined with colored pigment to bind color into stone in a process known as encaustic painting.
CairoEgyptiansCoptAncient Egypt

Question 8: Though the exact date of their beginning is not clear, there is documentation on a receipt from the state of ________ from 1897.
MassachusettsMaineConnecticutNew Hampshire

Question 9: There are also numerous suppliers who create generic brand or ________ crayons.
Product placementStore brandDirect marketingBrand management

Question 10: [13] After a fire destroyed the original factory, they moved their location to ________.
BrooklynNew York CityQueensSuffolk County, New York

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