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Question 1: This resulted in rapid formation of oceanic crust at ridges and hot spots, and rapid recycling of oceanic crust at ________ zones.
Convergent boundarySubductionMid-ocean ridgeVolcanic arc

Question 2: The first large cratonic landmasses formed during the ________ eon.
PrecambrianHadeanGeologic time scaleArchean

Question 3: If peridotite and eclogite inclusions are of the same temporal origin, then peridotite must have also originated from sea-floor spreading ridges billions of years ago, or from mantle affected by ________ of oceanic crust then.
Convergent boundaryMid-ocean ridgeVolcanic arcSubduction

Question 4: ________ probably did not yet exist, and developing continents were concentrated in cool regions.
Mantle plumeBasaltAnahim hotspotPlate tectonics

Question 5: [citation needed] Rock samples of mantle roots contain peridotites, and have been delivered to the surface as inclusions in subvolcanic pipes called ________.
LamproiteIgneous rockKimberliteDiamond

Question 6: Harzburgite peridotites represent the crystalline residues after extraction of melts of compositions like ________ and komatiite.
Igneous rockBasaltFlood basaltLava

Question 7: Examples of cratons are the Slave craton in Canada, the Wyoming craton in USA, and the ________ in South Africa.
GraniteYilgarn CratonPilbara cratonKaapvaal craton

Question 8: A craton (Greek: κράτος kratos "strength") is an old and stable part of the ________.
Crust (geology)Plate tectonicsEarthLithosphere

Question 9: They are characteristically composed of ancient ________ basement rock, which may be covered by younger sedimentary rock.
SolidCarbonCrystalCrystal structure

Question 10: An associated class of inclusions called eclogites, consists of rocks corresponding compositionally to oceanic crust (________), but that metamorphosed under deep mantle conditions.
LavaFlood basaltBasaltIgneous rock


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