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Crash: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Mom the movie Crash?
Virginia Vance
Anne Marie Helger
Lisbeth Andersen
Niamh Mahon

Question 2:
Who played Bo Olinville the movie Crash?
Gareth Milton
Jan Solberg
Jake McLaughlin
Lars Ranthe

Question 3:
What role did Lisbeth Andersen play in the movie Crash?
Christine Emory

Question 4:
Who played Christine Emory the movie Crash?
Hanne Krogh
Kezia Burrows
Anne Marie Helger
Clare Carey

Question 5:
What role did Meret Becker play in the movie Crash?
Mutter Gesine
Emily Mulwray

Question 6:
Who played Gabrielle the movie Crash?
Elin Phillips
Kezia Burrows
Rosanna Arquette
Rosanna Arquette

Question 7:
Who played Maggie Cheon the movie Crash?
Brooke Bundy
Meret Becker
Linda Park
Niamh Mahon

Question 8:
Who played Jan the movie Crash?
Jimmie Adams
Tony Danza
James Spader
Jan Solberg

Question 9:
Who played Maggie the movie Crash?
Adrienne Barbeau
Nikki McKay
Niamh Mahon
Joyce Jameson

Question 10:
What role did James Spader play in the movie Crash?
Mike Tagliarino
James Ballard
Carl Tobias

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