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Cramp: Quiz


Question 1: For the heraldic device, see cramp (heraldry); for the band, see ________
The Cramps discographyPsychobillyThe CrampsPunk rock

Question 2: ________ cause myalgia and cramps among other possible side effects, including substantially lowering blood glucose concentration.
FibrateBile acid sequestrantHypolipidemic agentStatin

Question 3: These include the intestine, uterus, ureter (in ________ pain), and various others.
HydronephrosisHematuriaRenal tubular acidosisKidney stone

Question 4: ________ disturbance may cause cramping and muscle tetany, particularly hypokalaemia and hypocalcaemia.
Half cellElectrolyteFuel cellIon

Question 5: Muscle cramps may also be a symptom or complication of pregnancy, kidney disease, thyroid disease, ________, or hypocalcemia (as conditions), restless-leg syndrome, varicose veins,[2] and multiple sclerosis.
Diabetic ketoacidosisHypokalemiaHyperkalemiaRenal tubular acidosis

Question 6: Causes of cramping include[1] hyperflexion, hypoxia, exposure to large changes in temperature, dehydration, or low blood ________.
HypertensionSaltSodium chlorideWater

Question 7: ________ contractions lie at the heart of the cramping (or colicky) pain of internal organs.
Cardiac muscleIntrafusal muscle fiberSkeletal muscleSmooth muscle

Question 8: Smooth muscle cramps may be due to menstruation or ________.
Infectious diarrheaHepatitisGastroenteritisPeritonitis

Question 9: Dyskinesia: ________ (Cerebellar ataxia/Dysmetria, Sensory ataxia)
TremorIntention tremorRestless legs syndromeAtaxia

Question 10: Menstrual cramps that do not respond to self treatment may be symptomatic of ________ or other health problems.
DysmenorrheaFemale infertilityAdenomyosisEndometriosis


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