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Question 1: Saltine and oyster crackers are often used in or served with ________.
SoupBreakfastGreek cuisineMedieval cuisine

Question 2: Crackers sometimes have ________ or spices as ingredients, or even chicken stock.

Question 3: Crackers are typically salted ________ products.
BreadFlourWheatInternational wheat production statistics

Question 4: A cracker is a type of thin or flat baked good commonly made from unleavened grain ________ dough and typically made in quantity in various hand-sized or smaller shapes.
WheatBreadFlourInternational wheat production statistics

Question 5: A popular snack is crackers with ________ as a topping.

Question 6: By 1810, his Boston-area business was booming, and, in later years, Bent sold his enterprise to the ________, which now does business under the Nabisco name.
Kraft FoodsNabiscoFreia (chocolate)Lefèvre-Utile

Question 7: An immediate success with sailors because of its shelf life, it also became known as hardtack or ________.
HardtackButterCracker (food)Honey

Question 8: Ancestors of the cracker can be found in ancient flat breads such as Lavash, Chapati, Pita, ________, and Flatbrød or Crisp bread.

Question 9: Brands including Captain's Wafers, Club Crackers, Town House Crackers, Ritz Crackers, Zesta Crackers, Cream crackers and Water biscuits are sometimes spread with ________, pâté, or mousse.

Question 10: [1] Crown Pilot Crackers from the same recipe were made and sold in ________ up until early 2008, and used in traditional clam chowder recipes.
Southern United StatesMidwestern United StatesNortheastern United StatesNew England

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