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Question 1: Créolité, or "creoleness", is a ________ which attempts to describe the cultural and linguistic heterogeneity of the Antilles, and more specifically of the French Caribbean.
Nonce wordEuphemismNeologismAcronym and initialism

Question 2: Césaire and his contemporaries considered the shared black heritage of members of the ________ as a source of power and self-worth for those oppressed by physical and psychological violence of the colonial project.
African diasporaUnited StatesAfricana womanismAfro-Latin American

Question 3: Later writers such as Martinican ________ came to reject the monolithic view of "blackness" portrayed in the négritude movement.
Édouard GlissantMartiniqueAimé CésaireCréolité

Question 4: The Négritude writers sought to define themselves in terms of their cultural, racial, and historical ties to the African continent as a rejection of French colonial political ________ and of French cultural, intellectual, racial, and moral domination.

Question 5: Caribbean identity came not only from the heritage of ex-slaves, but was equally influenced by indigenous Caribbeans, European colonialists, East Indian and Chinese ________ (indentured servants).
South AfricaTrinidad and TobagoGuyanaCoolie

Question 6: Creoleness may also refer to the scientifically meaningful characteristics of ________, the subject of study in creolistics.
English languageCreole languagePortuguese languageFrench language


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