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Coywolf: Quiz


Question 1: A study showed that of 100 coyotes collected in ________, 22 had half or more wolf ancestry, and one was 89 percent wolf.
ConnecticutMassachusettsNew HampshireMaine

Question 2: The coywolf is a term used to refer to hybrids between a ________ (Canis latrans) and the Gray wolf (Canis lupus) or the Red wolf (Canis rufus).
BobcatCougarCoyoteRed Fox

Question 3: [3] The ________ is thought by certain scientists to be in fact a wolf/coyote hybrid rather than a unique species.
Red FoxGray WolfRed WolfRaccoon

Question 4: Therefore it was concluded, that ________ and Gray wolves are the same species and that the coyote is a separate species from both.
Coat (dog)DogDog healthDog breed


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