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Cowbird: Quiz


Question 1: These birds feed on insects, including the large numbers that may be stirred up by ________.
Water BuffaloWild boarDeerCattle

Question 2: Cowbirds are birds belonging to the genus Molothrus in the family ________.
IcteridCuckooPasserineRed-winged Blackbird

Question 3: They are ________ New World birds which are unrelated to the Old World cuckoos, one of which, the Common Cuckoo, is the best-known brood parasitic bird.
ParasitismBrood parasiteKleptoparasitismMimicry

Question 4: This has been determined by phylogenetic analyses of ________ sequences (Lanyon 1992, Johnson and Lanyon 1999, Lanyon and Omland 1999, in Lowther, 2004).
Aspartate transaminaseMitochondrial DNAMitochondrionTransfer RNA


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