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Question 1: It would therefore have meant "one with a tail" — perhaps one in the habit of turning it, or it may be derived from the ________'s habit of putting its tail between its legs when it is afraid.
Dog healthDog breedCoat (dog)Dog

Question 2: [citation needed] It is possible that the English language was enriched in such manner through military contacts with the French, or with the French-speaking ________ that conquered England in 1066.
NormandyByzantine EmpireNormansCnut the Great

Question 3: The punishment for such acts is typically severe, ranging from ________ to the death sentence.
School corporal punishmentFlagellationJudicial corporal punishmentCorporal punishment

Question 4: Cowardly conduct is specifically mentioned within the United States ________.
Uniform Code of Military JusticeUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States armed forcesJudge Advocate General's Corps

Question 5: The English surname Coward (as in ________), however, has the same origin and meaning as the word "cowherd".
Laurence OlivierBitter SweetGertrude LawrenceNoël Coward

Question 6: According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word "coward" comes from an ________ word coart (modern French couard), a combination of the word for "tail" and an agent noun suffix.
Romance languagesOld FrenchEnglish languageFrench language


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