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Cow Days: Quiz


Question 1: Instead, the cows commit mass suicide in a ________-like fashion; powerless to stop them, the people of the town mourn the cows' sad action.
Post-cult traumaCultAnti-cult movementOpposition to cults and new religious movements

Question 2: "Cow Days" is the 26th episode of ________'s animated series South Park.
Comedy CentralMTV2Nickelodeon (TV channel)MTV

Question 3: It features issues of ________ and the ethics of rodeos and funfairs.
Anti-cult movementOpposition to cults and new religious movementsCultPost-cult trauma

Question 4: He is then diagnosed with a peculiar state of ________, believing himself to be a Vietnamese prostitute named Ming-Lee.
Panic disorderPsychogenic amnesiaAlzheimer's diseaseAmnesia

Question 5: After an overnight stay with ________, Cartman finally gets his memory back.
Sean PennLeonardo DiCaprioJack NicholsonDaniel Day-Lewis

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