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Question 1: Some covered bridges, such as the ones in Newton Falls, Ohio and ________, also feature an integrated covered walkway.
Elizabethton, TennesseeCarter County, TennesseeJohnson City, TennesseeRoan Mountain, Tennessee

Question 2: Logic Lane covered bridge in Oxford, ________ — built 1904
WalesEnglandScotlandUnited Kingdom

Question 3: In Asia, covered bridges are most prevalent in ________, where they are called lángqiáo (廊桥).
Time in ChinaProvince (China)Religion in ChinaChina

Question 4: Ponte Coperto over the Ticino river, Pavia, ________, built 1354 (picture)

Question 5: The ________ in Toronto, Ontario, crosses the Rosedale Ravine on a covered bridge made of concrete[15].
Sheppard lineBloor–DanforthToronto subway and RTScarborough RT

Question 6: The Ponte Coperto in Italy and the ________ in Florence, Italy are examples.
Palazzo PittiFlorence CathedralFlorence BaptisteryPonte Vecchio

Question 7: ________, Pennsylvania; 29 bridges
Elias McMellenList of covered bridges in Lancaster County, PennsylvaniaJames C. CarpenterPine Grove Covered Bridge

Question 8: In 1900, ________ had an estimated 400 covered bridges, and Quebec more than 1,000, while Ontario had only five.
Organisation internationale de la FrancophonieNew BrunswickCanadaLouisiana

Question 9: There are many covered bridges, called "wind and rain bridges" in the Chinese province of ________.
Weng'an CountyHuaxi DistrictGuizhouXingyi, Guizhou

Question 10: A covered bridge is a ________ with enclosed sides and a roof, often accommodating only a single lane of traffic.
Arch bridgeBridgeTruss bridgeCable-stayed bridge


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