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Question 1:
  • ________, a new version of a previously recorded song
    Heavy metal musicTribute actCover versionVitamin String Quartet

Question 2: A (universal / double) ________, a covering space with group structure, common in theoretical physics
Covering groupSpin groupLie groupOrthogonal group

Question 3: ________, repurchasing a short order made on the stock/equity, forex or futures markets
Efficient-market hypothesisShort (finance)Stock marketStock exchange

Question 4: ________, a class of defensive play in American Football
Football coverage shellsSan Diego ChargersNew England PatriotsChicago Bears

Question 5: ________ (see also: CD and DVD packaging)
Gramophone recordAlbum coverDonovanU2

Question 6: A ________, in the theory of Riemann surfaces and topology
Covering spaceFundamental groupCovering groupGroup action

Question 7: Cover, a 1981 drama series from ________, set in a recruitment and testing agency for the spy service
Associated British CorporationCarlton TelevisionLondon Weekend TelevisionThames Television

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