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Covenant theology: Quiz


Question 1: ________ 37:24-28).
Books of KingsBook of JobBook of EzekielBook of Daniel

Question 2: It uses the theological concept of covenant as an organizing principle for ________.
TrinityChristian theologyBiblical canonChristology

Question 3: The ________ covenant is found in 2 Samuel 7.

Question 4: (3) In the sacrificial system, it points to the ________ of salvation though a mediator.
JesusNew TestamentApostle (Christian)Gospel

Question 5: Classical statements of covenant theology can be found in the British ________ (particularly chap.
John CalvinCalvinismWestminster Confession of FaithPresbyterianism

Question 6: ________, earning the reward, graciously bestows it to his people (cf. Luke 22:29).
GospelNew TestamentJesusNew Testament view on Jesus' life

Question 7: Exodus 6:7, ________ 26:12), particularly displayed as his glory-presence comes to dwell in the midst of the people.
PsalmsBook of LeviticusBook of DeuteronomyBook of Numbers

Question 8: The New Testament writers understand this event typologically: as the lamb's blood saved the ________ from the plague, so Jesus' substitutionary death saves God's New Covenant people from being judged for their sins.
IsraelitesJewsBlack Hebrew IsraelitesJewish ethnic divisions

Question 9: Covenant theology (also known as Covenantalism or Federal theology or Federalism) is a conceptual overview and interpretive framework for understanding the overall flow of the ________.
Biblical canonNevi'imBibleChristianity and Judaism

Question 10: Works, however, are ultimately the basis for grace since God requires perfect upholding of the ________ for heavenly reward.
LawShariaXeerScots law

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