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Covenant (Halo): Quiz


Question 1: To develop a distinctive look for the various races of the Covenant, ________ artists drew inspiration from reptilian, ursine, and avian characteristics.
Xbox LiveMicrosoft Game StudiosRare (company)Bungie

Question 2: To design the various species of the Covenant, ________'s artists looked at live animals and films for inspiration;[7] as a result, the species within the Covenant bear simian, reptilian, avian, and ursine characteristics.
Rare (company)Xbox LiveBungieMicrosoft Game Studios

Question 3: A weapons expert noted parallels between the Needler and ancient Greek Amazons painting their daggers pink as a psychological weapon in an issue of gaming magazine ________.
Nintendo PowerVideo game consoleEGM April Fools' jokesElectronic Gaming Monthly

Question 4: By the events of Halo 3 (2007), the Flood intelligence known as the ________ infests and captures High Charity, while the Elites assist humans on Earth in defending themselves.
Master Chief (Halo)GravemindHalo: Combat EvolvedCortana

Question 5: For the final installment in the Halo trilogy, Halo 3, designers had to refine the Covenant for the move to more powerful ________ hardware.
Xbox 360Xbox 360 hardwareXbox 360 launchXbox Live

Question 6:
Multiple authors (2006). ________.
Master Chief (Halo)Halo: Combat EvolvedThe Halo Graphic NovelHalo (series)

Question 7: In the video game ________ (2004), a member of the Covenant Prophet trumvirate, Regret, arrives at Earth with a fleet.
Halo: Combat EvolvedHalo 2Halo (series)Halo 3

Question 8: Covenant society is a ________ system composed of many races, some of which were forcibly incorporated.
RacismCasteReligious intoleranceRacial segregation

Question 9: The Halo 3 action figure sets have been made by ________, and include Brutes and Jackals.
MinimatesPalisades ToysMcFarlane ToysNational Entertainment Collectibles Association


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