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Covalent bond: Quiz


Question 1: The term "covalence" in regard to bonding was first used in 1919 by ________ in a Journal of the American Chemical Society article entitled "The Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms and Molecules".
Glenn T. SeaborgRoger AdamsIrving LangmuirLinus Pauling

Question 2: A special resonance case is exhibited in ________ rings of atoms (for example, benzene).
Covalent bondAromaticityConjugated systemChemical bond

Question 3: A covalent bond is a form of chemical bonding that is characterized by the sharing of pairs of electrons between ________, and other covalent bonds.

Question 4: Today the valence bond model has been augmented by the ________ model.
Molecular orbitalHartree–Fock methodElectron configurationMolecular orbital theory

Question 5: Covalency is greatest between atoms of similar ________.
Noble gasHalogenElectronegativityPeriodic table


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