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Cousin: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Cousin play in the TV series Les ailes brisées?
Le duc de Charente

Question 2: The first number expresses how many generations back the two people's ________ is, while the second number expresses the generation difference between the two people.
GenealogyHeredityConsanguinityMost recent common ancestor

Question 3: The family relationship between two individuals a and b, where Ga and Gb respectively are the number of ________ between each individual and their nearest common ancestor, can be calculated by the following:
Greatest GenerationUnited StatesGeneration YGeneration

Question 4: Such cousins have double the ________ of ordinary cousins and are as related as half-siblings.
MarriageFamily nameConsanguinityKinship

Question 5: (See ________.) This could be construed as incest in some cultures, especially if the third cousins know that they are related.
BibleCousin marriageJesusKrishna

Question 6: In ________, a cousin is a relative with whom one shares a common ancestor.
FamilyIroquois kinshipChinese kinshipKinship terminology

Question 7: The degree (first, second, third cousin, et cetera) indicates one less than the minimum number of ________ between both cousins and the nearest common ancestor.
GenerationGreatest GenerationGeneration YUnited States

Question 8: Another visual chart used in determining the legal relationship between two people who share a common ancestor is based upon a diamond shape, and is usually referred to as a ________ relationship chart.
Canon lawCanon law (Catholic Church)Roman lawNatural law

Question 9: A cousin chart, or table of ________, is helpful in identifying the degree of cousin relationship between two individuals using their most recent common ancestor as the reference point.
Family nameConsanguinityKinshipMarriage

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