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Couscous: Quiz


Question 1: The name couscous is also used for prepared dishes made from other grains, such as barley, pearl millet, sorghum, rice or ________.

Question 2: Couscous is traditionally served under a ________ or vegetable stew.
Horse meatFoodMeatMedieval cuisine

Question 3: There is little ________ evidence of early diets including couscous, possibly because the original couscoussière was probably made from organic materials which could not survive extended exposure to the elements.
MiningCivil engineeringArchaeologyEngineering

Question 4: In ________ couscous is known as Hebrew: קוסקוס‎.
United StatesIsraelArmeniaGreece

Question 5: It is particularly popular among Jews of North African descent such as the ________ , Tunisian Jews and Moroccan Jews,[2] and is eaten in many other parts of the world as well.
Beta IsraelHistory of the Jews in AlgeriaJews of Bilad el-SudanAfrican Jews

Question 6: The name is derived from Maghrebi Arabic kuskus or ksaksu, which is from ________ seksu[5] (meaning well rolled, well formed, rounded).
AlgeriaEgyptMoroccoBerber languages

Question 7: Packaged sets containing a box of quick-preparation couscous and a can of vegetables and, generally, meat are sold in French and Spanish ________ and supermarkets.
Safeway Inc.KrogerGrocery storeHypermarket

Question 8: It is known as kuskus in Morocco, ________, Turkey, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

Question 9: Kouskousaki (Κουσκουσάκι in Greek or Kuskus in Turkish), a pasta from ________ and Turkey, that is boiled and served with cheese and walnuts.

Question 10: The dish is a traditional staple throughout the ________, where it is thought to have originated.
MaghrebFrench colonial empireFrench GuianaNewfoundland (island)


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