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Coup d'état: Quiz


Question 1: In 1999, General Pervez Musharraf overthrew Pakistani Prime Minister ________ on the same grounds.
Rahimuddin KhanMuhammad Zia-ul-HaqBaloch insurgency and Rahimuddin's stabilizationNawaz Sharif

Question 2: The political scientist ________ identifies three classes of coup d'état:
International relationsFrancis FukuyamaColumbia UniversitySamuel P. Huntington

Question 3: When junior officers or enlisted men so seize power, the coup d'état is a ________ with grave implications for the organizational and professional integrity of the military.
United KingdomMutinyAmsterdamWorld War I

Question 4: The political advantage is the appearance of legitimacy, examples are the collapse of the ________, and the change of government effected in Mauritania, on 3 August 2005, while the president was in Saudi Arabia.
Vichy FranceFrench Second RepublicFrench Fourth RepublicFrench Third Republic

Question 5: Although the coup d'état features in politics since antiquity, the phrase is of relatively recent coinage;[1] the ________ identifies it as a French expression meaning a “stroke of State”.
American and British English spelling differencesJames Murray (lexicographer)United KingdomOxford English Dictionary

Question 6: ** Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz was subsequently confirmed by a narrow margin in the ________, which were regarded as "satisfactory" by international observers.
Mauritanian parliamentary election, 2006Mauritanian presidential election, 2009Mauritanian Senate election, 2007Mauritanian presidential election, 2007

Question 7: In Pakistan, the military leader typically assumes the title of chief ________ administrator.
Rahimuddin KhanIsraelMartial lawUnited States

Question 8: In Latin America, it was common for the post-coup government to be led by a junta, a ________ of the chiefs of staff of the armed forces.
Parliamentary procedureQuorumChairmanCommittee

Question 9: ________, Technique du Coup d'État (Published in French), Paris, 1931
Adolf HitlerCurzio MalaparteItaly1943

Question 10: ________, Coup d'état: A practical handbook, Harvard University Press, 1969, 1980.
RomaniaUnited StatesItalyEdward Luttwak


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