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County of Hainaut: Quiz


Question 1: Its most important cities were Mons (Bergen), ________ (Kamerijk) and Charleroi.

Question 2: His son and successor Duke Gilbert in 925 in turn submitted himself to the German king ________, whereafter the Duchy of Lotharingia remained a part of the German kingdom at the border with France.
Otto III, Holy Roman EmperorCharles the FatHenry the FowlerOtto I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 3: The county was then divided, however in 998 the Reginars regained the rule over the County of ________.

Question 4: The last independent countess died early on October 8, 1436 (presumably of tuberculosis) in Teilingen Castle, near ________ (where she is buried), her estates were incorporated into the Burgundian Netherlands.
RotterdamSouth HollandLeidenThe Hague

Question 5: It was ruled by the Habsburg Emperors, the last one Francis II, until in 1794 the Austrian Netherlands were occupied by the ________ in 1794.
National ConventionFrench RevolutionFrench DirectoryFrench First Republic

Question 6: In 1579 Hainaut was a member of the Union of Arras which submiited to the rule of Habsburg Spain, while the northern Union of Utrecht formed the ________ in 1581.
Batavian RepublicEighty Years' WarSouthern NetherlandsDutch Republic

Question 7: In Roman times, Hainaut was situated in the Roman provinces of ________ and Germania Inferior and inhabited by Celtic tribes, until Germanic peoples replaced them and made an end to Roman Imperial rule.
HispaniaRoman BritainGallia BelgicaSyria (Roman province)

Question 8: The County of Hainaut (French: Comté de Hainaut, Dutch: Graafschap Henegouwen) was a historical region in the Low Countries with its capital at ________ (Bergen).

Question 9: While victorious Robert acquired Flanders, his sister-in-law Richilde retained the adjacent Lower Lorraine territories in the ________ as her dowry.
FranciaGerman EmpireHoly Roman EmpireByzantine Empire

Question 10: Henry IV ordered the Prince-Bishop of Liège to purchase the fiefs and then return them as a unified county to the countess Richilde and under feudal intermediance to the ________.
Louis the YoungerLothair II of LotharingiaList of rulers of LorraineFrancis I, Holy Roman Emperor


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