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Counts of Celje: Quiz


Question 1: The name "Counts of Cilli" was given to the Lords of Sanneck or Sannegg by Emperor Louis IV in 1341 and was derived from the medieval name Cilli of the city of ________ in Lower Styria.

Question 2: The ________, whose strongest rivals they had become, reacted with a war that lasted until 1443, when an agreement of mutual inheritance was signed.
House of BourbonHouse of HabsburgHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of Bonaparte

Question 3: Their rapid rise started after the ________ (1396) where Hermann II of Cilli saved the life of Sigismund of Luxemburg (Hungarian king, from 1433 Holy Roman emperor).
Battle of VarnaBattle of ViennaBattle of NicopolisBattle of Mohács

Question 4: [6] In 1436 the Emperor elevated the counts to the rank of ________ of the Holy Roman Empire (although they retained their title of Count, in German: Graf,in Slovene: grof).
Royal and noble ranksMonarchMonarchyPrince

Question 5: That initiated a plot by the Hunyadi family against Ulrich II, and he was assassinated on 8 November, in ________.
SmederevoBelgradeNovi SadZemun

Question 6: In the 14th century they allied with the ________ in their war against the counts of Gorizia- Tirol, making Cilli vassals of the Habsburgs in 1308.
House of BonaparteHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of BourbonHouse of Habsburg

Question 7: As a reward king Sigismund donated (1397-99) the city of Varaždin, the county of Zagorje, and many estates in present-day ________ to the family.

Question 8: He tried to get regency of Hungary, Bohemia and ________ through control over Ladislas the Posthumous, at the time a minor.
Czech RepublicSloveniaPolandAustria

Question 9: In 1456 after the death of his rival ________, Ulrich II was named Captain General of Hungary, an office previously held by John Hunyadi.
BelgradeJohn HunyadiTransylvaniaWallachia

Question 10: At the time the house died out they held the rank of princes of the Holy Roman Empire and many other titles in territories of present-day ________.
Schengen AreaEuropean Economic AreaEuropean integrationCentral Europe


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