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Countries of the United Kingdom: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ is a sovereign state formed from the portion of Ireland that seceded from the United Kingdom in 1921.
Northern IrelandRepublic of IrelandUnited StatesMalta

Question 2: There is a split in perceptions as to the future of the countries of the UK as under one sovereign power, in a ________, or as independent states.
RepublicFederal republicFederationConfederation

Question 3: The Laws in Wales Acts 1535–1542 annexed the legal system of Wales to England[6] to create the single entity commonly known today as ________.
English lawEngland and WalesUnited KingdomScotland

Question 4: For most sports, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland compete as a single international team representing ________ (exceptions being Northern Ireland national football team and Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games).
Prehistoric IrelandIrelandIrish peopleWales

Question 5: UK citizens with ethnic minority backgrounds (especially those descended from the ________) can often identify with the nationality of their ancestors, while having (or sharing) a UK identity in any of its strengths or forms.
United KingdomCommonwealth realmCommonwealth GamesCommonwealth of Nations

Question 6: England remains the full responsibility of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, which is centralised in ________.

Question 7: Although part of the geographical ________,[5] it is no longer a part of the UK.
EnglandBritish IslesUnited KingdomNorthern Ireland

Question 8: As a consequence, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are not formal ________[4] and various terms are used to describe them.
Politics of the United KingdomHistory of the United KingdomAdministrative geography of the United KingdomTerminology of the British Isles

Question 9: Others identify solely with England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, while many identify primarily with one of these, but hold a sense of '________' in equal or high esteem.
BritishnessBritish Armed ForcesUnited KingdomGreat Britain

Question 10: Unionism and ________ play important roles in the politics of the United Kingdom.
Left-wing nationalismAnti-nationalismFascismNationalism


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