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Counties of England: Quiz


Question 1:
What is Counties of England's current status?
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Question 2: All of England is divided into 48 ________, which are also known as geographic counties.
Subdivisions of EnglandBristolMetropolitan and non-metropolitan counties of EnglandCeremonial counties of England

Question 3: For the purpose of directing mail, England was divided into 48 postal counties from 1974 to 1996; these have since been abandoned by the ________.
Magyar PostaRoyal MailPostverk FøroyaDeutsche Post

Question 4: Slough is the smallest unitary authority by area that is not also a ceremonial county and ________ is the largest.
WarringtonCheshire West and ChesterBlackburn with DarwenCheshire East

Question 5: On 1 April 1974 the ________ came into force.
Local Government Commission for England (1958–1967)Unparished areaLocal Government Act 1972Local Government Act 1933

Question 6: The counties of Cumberland, ________, Rutland, Westmorland and Worcestershire were disestablished.

Question 7: The sui generis ________ is smaller both in terms of area and population.
WalesIsles of ScillyCornwallScotland

Question 8: From 1889 the newly-created county councils could apply to the ________ for coats of arms, often incorporating traditional symbols associated with the county.
Earl MarshalNew Zealand Herald ExtraordinaryGarter Principal King of ArmsCollege of Arms

Question 9: The fire service is operated on a similar basis, and the ambulance service is organised by the ________.
Regions of EnglandSubdivisions of EnglandGreater LondonMetropolitan and non-metropolitan counties of England

Question 10: They were shown on ________ maps of the time under both titles, and are equivalent to the modern ceremonial counties.
Fire Service CollegeDepartment for Communities and Local GovernmentOrdnance SurveyUnited Kingdom


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