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Question 1: The victory at the ________ in 1571 was accredited to the Virgin Mary and signified the beginning of a strong resurgence of Marian devotions".
Algiers expedition (1541)Battle of Lepanto (1571)Battle of Preveza (1538)Battle of Djerba

Question 2: However, the fact that Copernicus' heliocentric theory regarding the Earth's motion directly contradicted ________ and the religious teachings of the time eventually led the pope to condemn this work and temporarily ban it.

Question 3: Other well known contributors to Marian spirituality are Lawrence of Brindisi, Robert Bellarmine, and ________.
Pope Gregory IFrancis de SalesPope John Paul IIAlbertus Magnus

Question 4: Part of this included extensive decorations that would eventually spawn the elaborate ________ art style and more celebrations of holidays and similar events.
MannerismRenaissanceWestern art historyBaroque

Question 5: ________ (1467-1548)
Casimir IV JagiellonAlexander JagiellonSigismund I the OldSigismund II Augustus

Question 6: His composition in four-parts, ________, marks the "official turning point of the Counter Reformation's a cappella ideal.”[36] Kerle was the only ranking composer of the Netherlands to have acted in conformity with the Council.
EasterEvening Prayer (Anglican)Apostles' CreedPreces

Question 7: This reaffirmed the previous council of Rome and Synod of Carthage (both held in the 4th century, A.D.) which had affirmed the ________ as Scripture.
Deuterocanonical booksBiblical apocryphaNew TestamentOld Testament

Question 8: Zealous prelates such as ________'s Archbishop Carlo Borromeo (1538-1584), later canonized as a saint, set an example by visiting the remotest parishes and instilling high standards.
ItalyMilanParabiagoCorbetta, Italy

Question 9: [30] Palestrina’s “Missa Papae Marcelli” was, though, in 1564, after the 22nd session, performed for the Pope while reforms were being considered for the ________.
Pope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope Pius XSistine Chapel Choir

Question 10: The legend goes that ________ (ca.
Roman SchoolMass (music)Giovanni Pierluigi da PalestrinaJosquin des Prez

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