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Council of the European Union: Quiz


Question 1:
Who of the following is/was the leader of Council of the European Union?

Question 2: 12 votes: ________, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, and Portugal
SpainUnited KingdomBelgiumDenmark

Question 3: [3] The exception is the Foreign Affairs Council that has (in addition to the national ministers) the ________ as a member who chairs the Council when meeting in this configuration.
Common Foreign and Security PolicyCommon Security and Defence PolicyHigh Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security PolicyEuropean External Action Service

Question 4: 7 votes: ________, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, and Slovakia

Question 5: The Council of the European Union (officially the Council and commonly referred to as the Council of Ministers) is the principal decision-making institution of the ________ (EU).
GermanyEuropean UnionDenmarkEuropean Parliament

Question 6: The primary purpose of the Council is to act as one of the two chambers of the EU's legislative branch, the other chamber being the ________.
Barroso CommissionEuropean CommissionEuropean CouncilEuropean Parliament

Question 7: This Council of the EU should not be confused with the European Council (an assembly of EU heads of state or government) or the ________ (a non-EU organisation of 47 states).
Council of EuropeEuropean integrationFederal EuropeEuropean Union

Question 8: It includes budgetary and ________ matters via an informal group composed only of eurozone member ministers.
Schengen AreaEuropean Economic AreaEuropean integrationEurozone

Question 9: [25] The ________ is similar to a configuration of the Council, it operates in the same way and shares the same Presidency system but is composed of the national leaders (heads of government or state).
Barroso CommissionEuropean UnionEuropean ParliamentEuropean Council

Question 10: Foreign Affairs (Foraff): Chaired by the ________, rather than the Presidency, it managed the CFSP, CSDP and development cooperation.
European External Action ServiceEuropean Commissioner for TradeHigh Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security PolicyForeign relations of the European Union


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