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Council of Florence: Quiz


Question 1: Resuming proceedings on 8 October 1438, the council focused exclusively on the ________ matter.
FilioqueEcumenical councilCatholic ChurchEast–West Schism

Question 2: Under pressure for ecclesiastical reform Pope Martin V sanctioned a decree of the ________ (9 October 1417) obliging the papacy to summon general councils periodically.
Papal conclave, 1431Papal conclave, 1378Council of ConstancePapal conclave, 1406

Question 3: The ________ character of the assembly at Basel was a result of both its composition and its organization.
DemocracyGottfried LeibnizAuthoritarianismJohn Locke

Question 4: From Italy, ________ and Germany the fathers came late to Basel.
CanadaUnited KingdomUnited StatesFrance

Question 5: In June 1448 the rump of the council migrated to ________.
BernSt. GallenGenevaLausanne

Question 6: They took decisions on the disciplinary measures which regulated the elections, on the celebration of ________ service, on the periodical holding of diocesan synods and provincial councils, which were usual topics in Catholic councils.

Question 7: The legates did submit to this humiliating formality but in their own names, it was asserted only after the fact, thus reserving the final judgment of the ________.
St. Peter's BasilicaPopeCatholic ChurchHoly See

Question 8: Even as it became clear the Greek Church would never consent to the ________ clause, the Emperor continued to press for a reconciliation.
FilioqueEast–West SchismCatholic ChurchEcumenical council

Question 9: The ________ John VIII Palaeologus, pressed hard by the Ottoman Turks, was keen to ally himself with the Catholics.
List of Roman EmperorsRoman EmperorConcise list of Roman EmperorsList of Byzantine emperors

Question 10: Ironically, perhaps the council's most important historical legacy was the lectures on Greek classical literature given in Florence by many of the delegates from Constantinople, including the renowned Neoplatonist ________ .
Thomas AquinasGemistus PlethoAverroesBasilios Bessarion


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