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Question 1: However, the Council resulted in a major schism, with those who refused to accept its teaching, now known as ________, being accused of monophysitism.
Oriental OrthodoxyEthiopian Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchOrthodox ChurchArmenian Apostolic Church

Question 2: It was held from 8 October to 1 November 451 at Chalcedon (a city of Bithynia in ________).
TurkeyAnatoliaIstanbulTurkish people

Question 3: Paschasinus refused to give Dioscorus (who had ________ Leo leading up to the council) a seat at the council.
New TestamentBishopExcommunicationShunning

Question 4: Most Protestants also consider the concept of the ________ as defined by these councils to be orthodox doctrine.
ChristologyGod in ChristianityBiblical canonTrinity

Question 5:
How many people attended Council of Chalcedon?
300 Approx.
2000 Approx
2,600 Approx.
Approx. 370

Question 6: However, the Emperor Theodosius II and the Patriarch of ________, Dioscorus, rejected this decision ostensibly because Eutyches had repented and confessed his orthodoxy.
AlexandriaGreeceAncient GreeceAlexander the Great

Question 7: Agreement on doctrine has been declared between Oriental Orthodox and ________ and Roman Catholic Churches, for instance[citation needed], although communion between these families of churches has not been restored.
Orthodox ChurchChristianityEast–West SchismEastern Christianity

Question 8: In November 447, during a local ________ in Constantinople, Eutyches was denounced as a heretic by the Bishop Eusebius of Dorylaeum.
ChristianityCatholic ChurchSynodAnglicanism

Question 9: The Council of Chalcedon is considered by the Roman Catholics, the ________, the Old Catholics, and various other Western Christian groups to have been the Fourth Ecumenical Council .
Eastern ChristianityOrthodox ChurchEast–West SchismChristianity

Question 10: These churches compose ________, with the Church of Alexandria as their spiritual leader.
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchOrthodox ChurchOriental OrthodoxyArmenian Apostolic Church


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